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Ways to loose abdominal flabs


Whether you are slim or need to lose weight, chances are you have abdominal fat at the sides you would do anything to get rid of!

One of the most common issues men and women have with their bodies are love handles, the annoying bit of fat that hangs out from the sides of our abdomen, over the waistband of our jeans or skirts. Love handles are common not just in those who are a little overweight, but even in relatively slim people with bodies that are not completely toned. Here’s how you can get rid of them:


Side bends
Stand up and spread your legs so they are a little more than shoulder width distance. Bend sideways to the left, reaching for your left calf with your left hand. After you have bent as far to the left as possible, bring your right hand over your head, stretching it to the left. This will give you a further stretch in your sides. It is not necessary to use weights. Remember that you want the fat in this are to disappear without bulking up the muscles. Repeat 15 times on each side. Do 4 sets.

Side crunches
All of us are (or should be!) familiar with stomach crunches. Lie down with feet shoulder-width apart, hands below the head. When you get up, twist to the left bringing your right elbow in front and drawing in the left knee so they meet. Start by repeating this exercise 15 times, and move up to 30-45 repetitions. Do 4 sets.

Sit on a stool holding a long rod. You could use a broomstick. Place the stick on your shoulders behind your neck, supporting it with your arms. Twist from side to side. This exercise also works out your obliques (side stomach muscles), tightening them over a period of time.

Remember that all these exercises work best when supplemented by cardiovascular activity. Brisk walking 5-6 times a week, or jogging 3-4 times a week, for half an hour, should be enough to burn off some fat, get your heart going and pump up circulation.

Make it a point to avoid eating carbohydrates (pastries, brown bread etc.) at night. You can pile on the carbs during the day, for breakfast and for lunch, but not for dinner. This is because when you have carbs in the morning, your body has enough time to work it off during the day. But when you have it for dinner and go off to sleep, your body will need to convert excess carbs into body fat, so it can store it.

Dance away the flab. You don’t need to join dance classes to be able to do this. Simply turn on the music in your bedroom, and start moving. Not only will your sense of rhythm improve but as you start getting into the groove, your dancing will improve as well so if you ever thought of yourself as a terrible dancer, this is a good way to get better. Dancing in front of a mirror will help you incorporate more steps into your routine and you will also get an idea of how you dance. It is amazing how many people have never really seen themselves dance in front of a mirror, which is why they don’t really know what looks absurd and what looks good. All you really need is forty minutes a day, three or four times a week, to get a good cardio workout and burn calories. So if you ever wanted an excuse to listen to your favorite music without it seeming to be a waste of time, you’ve got it.
Dancing as a workout also helps you keep in touch with what’s new in the music world, and if you love music, what better way to exercise.

Tricking Mother Nature
If you wear something too tight around the hips, the soft flesh above is bound to stick out from the sides. But if you wear something a little looser, the flesh will just slip into it giving you a flawless line on the sides, thus effectively eliminating the love handles! However, this is easier said than done because if your jeans or trousers are a little loose from the sides to hide love handles, they are likely to be a little loose all over, which may not be what you want. This would be easier with skirts.

Your best bet to looking would be to be regular with your cardio workout and side stretches.

Patience Umoh
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