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The Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy

The Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise does wonders during pregnancy. It boost mood, improves sleep,
and reduces pregnancy aches and pain. It also prepares you for childbirth by
strengthening muscles and building endurance, and makes it much easier to
get back in shape after your baby is born.
Pregnancy can sap your energy, but regular bouts of exercise will help you get through your daily tasks or cope with demanding schedule. Exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system, so you don’t tire easily. With muscles that are strong and toned, you need less effort to engage in any activity, whether that means grocery shopping or sitting through meetings at the office.


When you’re carrying extra pounds in front of you; finding a comfortable
sleeping position can be a real challenge. But exercise will help you work
out the excess energy and tire you enough to lull you to into a deeper, more restful slumber.

Overall, regular exercise stretches and strengthens your muscles, which
helps your body cope better with the aches and pains of pregnancy.
Stretches ease back pain, walking improves your circulation, and
swimming can strengthen your abdominal muscles.

It helps you prepare for childbirth; the better shape you are in, the stronger
you will be come during labor and delivery time. Giving birth is akin to running marathon-it requires stamina, determination, focus. Though it has not been researched training for childbirth through exercise may ease labor and even shorten the time it takes to deliver your baby.

Exercising improves your self image, staying active helps you feel better about
your self and improves your odds of gaining a daily amount of weight.

The following activities are usually safe for expectant moms, although some
of them may not work for you during the lat stages of your pregnancy. Make sure you consult
your gynecologist before embarking on any exercise regimen.


 One of the best cardiovascular exercise for pregnant women, walking
keeps you fit without jarring your kneels and ankles. It is easy to do almost any where, and it doesn’t require ant equipment beyond a good pair of supportive
shoes, and is safe throughout all nine months of pregnancy

 Healthcare providers and fitness experts agree that
swimming is the best and safest exercise for pregnant women.Swimming is ideal because it exercises both large muscle groups (arms and legs)
and allows expectant women to feel weightless despite the extra pounds of pregnancy.

 You can get your heart pumping by dancing to your favorite tunes
in the comfort of your own living room, with a DVD, or at a dance class.
Avoid routines that call for leaps, jumps or twirls.

Stretching: Stretching is a wonderful for keeping your bodyrelaxed and prevents muscle strain.

: It may not be the most elegant position,but squatting is a way of preparing for and giving birth.
This exercise strengthens your thighs and helps open up your pelvis.

Stand facing the back of a chair with your feet slightly more than hip-width apart, toes pointed outward. Hold the back of the chair for support. Contract your abdominal muscles, lift your chest, and relax your shoulders; then lower your tailbone toward the floor as though you were sitting down on a chair. Find your balance- most of your weight should towards your heels. Take a deep breath in and then exhale, push in your legs to rise to a standing position and that is it.

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