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Okro(okra) with Vegetable Soup

okro with vegetable soup


– 500g fresh okro (sliced and pounded
– 1.5 Kg assorted meat (beef,kponmo, cowleg)
– 1 medium stockfish (cut into small sizes)
– 1 medium size dry fish (thoroughly washed)
– 1 cup periwinkles(shelled)
– 2 cooking ground crayfish
– 6 fresh peppers(chilies)
– 2 medium onions
– 4 medium bunch pumpkin leaves (Ugwu)
– 2 maggi/knor cubes
– 3 cooking spoonful palm oil
– Salt to taste

What you do
Wash the ugwu/pumpkin leaves thoroughly with plenty of water, slice into thin strips and add chopped onion and set aside.

Wash the meat and place in a large pot. Add 1 onion chopped, 2 pepper chopped, salt and 2 maggi/knor cubes. Cook until tender. Wash and boil stockfish until tender. Wash the dry fish with salt and soak in boiling water for 5 minutes to kill any insect and loosen any sand. Rinse thorough with lots of cold water.

Add the stockfish, dry fish and periwinkles to the meat and cook for a further 10minutes, add some water if necessary.Add the crayfish, palm-oil and 2 maggi/knor cubes,salt and remaining pepper, stir and cook for10minutes.

Add the sliced okro and cook for 3-5 minutes(Note: once the okra is added remove the lid from the pot. Covering the pot will reduce the thickness of the okro).

Finally add the shredded ugwu/pumpkin leave. Mix in properly. Allow to simmer for 3minutes,

Remove from heat and serve hot with fufu, eko, or eba.

Note: Ugwu/pumpkin leaves are very tender vegetables and should not be cooked for long.

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