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How to wear heels with comfort

Wearing heels with comfort

Ladies, no matter the age, love wearing glasses heels nothing compares to a nice pair of well fitted heel shoes. It helps to accentuate the legs, makes it look longer- gives the body a slender look making you look taller. However prolonged use of heels particularly when worn for a whole day can cause a lot of pain and make your feet and legs hurt terribly.

Here is a myth buster for ladies on the short side, wearing higher heels does not help you increase your height, if the heels of your shoes are too high you may find it difficult to walk in them and get through with your day- am believe me- if your feet hurts, it will likely show in your expression- wearing heels for too long puts undue pressure on the balls and bones in the front of our feet.

  • The good news is that wearing heels is not an impossible task- the tip is to apply wisdom when doing so.
  • Hear are some tips that will show you how to wear heels comfortably (at least)
  • When buying a pair of heels, buy the pair that fits just right and one that is a size bigger have your feet measured before you buy any new pair. Make sure your toes have enough room to breathe in and move.
  • Try wearing a short heel occasionally- do not go for the highest heel possible- for example a two inch heel will cause less discomfort than a four inch heel. Short heels with stilettos give you the same effect or carriage as a 4/6 inch heel.
  • Go for the right size – cushion it, particularly around the balls of the feet, for easy comfort, the reason for this necessity is that most heels don’t come with cushions, so cushioning it helps it balance the weight of the body comfortably around the balls of the feet- without strain.
  • Do the peep toe and the round toe shoes instead of the pointy ones that causes discomfort around the toe, squashing the big toe inward; causing pain in the joint which often causes bunions (swelling on the toes) – the peep toe heel shoes are quite fashionably these days and can be worn in most work environment-the round toes heel shoes gives your toes room to spread naturally-making strutting in heels a delight and comfortably too.
  • Wear your high heels only when you will not be expected to be on your feet for a long period of time. Limit the use of your heel shoes to only occasions and special events- switch every now and then to flat shoes mostly when you are wearing pants and jeans trousers. Avoid traveling in heels especially if you are going by road, also driving with heels is very dangerous as you8r feet may slip from the pedal while driving- use flat shoes while driving and keep your heels in your bag or in the car; you can make the switch as soon as you reach your destination.
  • Some folks believe that high heels should be a size smaller for easy balance- the truth is buying a size smaller puts your feet through necessary torture, even if the shoe is a size bigger- you can use shoe cups (shoe pad) that fit into the base of your feet which will give your feet a firm grip and meet up to the original shoe size.

Finally, never lend or borrow shoes even if it is for a few seconds- several bacterial infections can be transferred from one person to another this way. Word of caution- no matter how appealing. These high heeled shoes are- the feet you are using to wear them is attached to your body; you can replace a faulty pair of shoes in a split second, but the damage that it causes to your feet may last for a life time.

The key word here is moderation!

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