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How to shape your brows

FACE ENHANCEMENT - Shaping Your Brows

Many women neglect plucking their brows, believing that a little extra hair here and there wouldn’t really make a big difference. It does! Read on for tips on plucking your brows.

Keep your eyebrows in shape. Many women neglect plucking their brows, believing that a little extra hair here and there wouldn’t really make a big difference. Well, it does, and you would be surprised to see how much. Neatly plucked brows open up the eyes, and make them look larger and more prominent. They also make your face look cleaner, and your features stronger. Many models I know swear by the difference a well plucked brow makes.

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Stick to the same beautician. If someone knows your brows and gives you a shape you like, make sure you stick to her, and don’t keep changing your beautician.

If you do not have access to a beautician for whatever reason, or if you are living outside India and find it too expensive to get your brows threaded every ten days, shell out the money to get it threaded once, and from then on, thread your brows regularly by yourself.

Take it slow and easy when plucking your brows, so make sure you have plenty of time. There is no cause for hurry, and if you rush, you may over pluck, ruining the shape. If your brows are shaped unevenly, your eyes can also look a little warped. Yes, it’s true. It’s all about optical illusion. One eye will suddenly start looking smaller than the other, or higher than the other … or even crooked! You don’t want that, do you?

Pluck your brows immediately after a hot shower, or immediately after steaming your face. You could also apply a hot towel to your brows for a few moments before plucking them. If you have been regular with plucking and have just a few hairs to pluck, you needn’t apply steam, but if there is a lot of hair that has to go, steam softens it up and opens your pores, so the hair will come out easily without hurting you too much. Apply a little moisturizer to your eyebrows so the hair slides out.

If you are starting to pluck your brows by yourself from scratch, start slowly. Leave the super-thin brows for later … much later, once you have perfected the art of brow plucking. The first time around simply concentrate on getting them clean and even. Start by combing your brows with an eyebrow brush. Then, identify the area from where your brow stops going upward. A little ahead, you will see another spot from where your brow starts dipping downwards. This is where you can give yourself a little arch by dipping down from that spot.

How much space should be left between the brows. Take a pencil or ruler and hold it straight up along the side of each nose. All the hair on the inner side of the pencil should go. The brow should start from the outside edge of the pencil.

After plucking your brows, apply some toner or astringent to the area to close pores. You could also apply some calamine lotion to sooth the area.


Did you know that your eyebrows could make you look younger Yes, that’s true. If you want to take a few years off your face, simply take an eyebrow pencil and darken your brows, especially the beginning of your brow, next to the bridge of your nose. Make sure you darken it subtly though … no one should be able to tell that you’ve applied eyebrow pencil.

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