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How to organize your handbag

organized bag

Here are some tips on how to make ensure that all the necessities you need are packed in your handbags or purses:

Small brush or comb
This is for keeping your locks neat. No matter what your hairstyle you are carrying, at one point or another during the day, you’ll need to fix your hair a bit.

Just to peck up your mood up a bit.


This is very important especially during emergencies. Keep it with you at all times so you can call for a ride when you need one. You can dial for help. Pay telephones can be very unreliable if you need them.

A small notepad and a pen.
This is for taking down information you’ll never know you’ll end up having during the course of the day or outing, whether it’s a phone number, a date and time, or a license plate.

This is for wiping and cleaning up anything. You can also bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer just in case the bar bathroom has no soap.

Patience Umoh
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