How Healthy Are You?

How Healthy Are You?

A lot has been said on healthy living but longevity is fast becoming a thing of the past in our society. People no longer get to their eighties and beyond like our forefathers.

This is as a result of one disease or the other afflicting humans today. We bring about most of these diseases/ illnesses. Our poor hygienic and unhealthy living. We no longer use what is provided by All-wise Mother Nature to maintain healthy bodies and even cure disease.

Man has turned away from nature to what we scientifically make available for ourselves- the so-called modernization and civilization.

Many diseases today are ‘man-induced’ caused by choice of lifestyle notably by too much-denatured foods, chemically synthesized food additives, lack of physical exercise, dehydration, smoking, alcohol, polluted air, poor hygienic habits and ignorance. Most of these diseases would have been prevented if at all we were really living a healthy lifestyle with good hygienic habits. The human body comes with marvellous regenerative systems that have great powers to heal, recover, revitalize and overcome diseases itself when.

Healthy living is not just surviving. It is about living a good and happy life with harmonious existence. A healthy lifestyle includes eating a well-balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly and minimizing stress. Healthy Living provides a great many benefits, so there’s no reason to put off that healthier lifestyle any longer.

· A longer life.
· Less risk of developing many diseases.
· Greater well-being – the feel-good factor!
· Less anxiety and depression.
· Less stress – physical activity helps people relax.
· Greater ability to function at work and at home. This can also lead to greater independence in later life as active people are able to cope with daily tasks more easily.
· Improved sleep.
· Better maintenance of a healthy weight.
For genuine, all-round health, you need to think about both your diet and your activity levels.

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