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Having a smart home can help you maintain independence

Years ago, the list of items available to make your home more accessible may have only included accessories that helped customers move around more freely in their household without assistance from friends, loved ones, or nurses.

smart home system on mobile phone

With the advent of new technologies, however, a growing industry of devices which utilize wireless internet can help ensure that a large number of daily tasks can be automated or controlled with discretion via a smart phone, tablet, computer or even voice commands. A healthy network of these devises can render your house a “smart home”, where you control the convenience of these cutting-edge technologies according to your preferences, allowing you to take command of your day-to-day engagements. Furthermore, you can spend less time on your feet, as your new environment can easily be controlled by your touch or your voice.

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You’d be amazed at the options available to save you time and effort while you spend time in your home and even while you’re away.

It can be fairly easy to begin testing your comfort with living in a smart home. In fact, you may already be able to look around your home and identify devices with “smart” capabilities. You may have a television with the capability to stream programs from the internet, lights that interact with an app, or a doorbell with a video camera to help you identify who is outside your door.

All these devices include technologies that fit into the ecosystem of a smart home. With a bit of planning and a few adjustments, you can increase the utility of these devices by enhancing their connectivity and compatibility.

You’d be amazed at the options available to save you time and effort while you spend time in your home and even while you’re away.

Functions For Seniors

The amount of devices designed with “smart” compatibility in mind can certainly be bewildering. Due to this, you may be having a difficult time deciding where to begin when considering the best entry-point to enjoying the benefits of a smart home. If so, then a great question to ask yourself could be “Which devices have a direct benefit to my lifestyle as a senior?”

Rather than devices which provide value through entertainment or luxury, you may find it more worth your while to invest in technologies geared toward your health and safety.

Many of these devices can be timed, automated, or controlled by an app in an effort to increase their utility and help you keep a handle on your independence.

Chief among these products would be medical alert devices, or personal emergency response system, which could alert someone you trust to an emergency in your home, such as a debilitating fall or another urgent physical ailment. Some of these devices can even alert a doctor directly, in the case of a drastic change in a person’s vital signs.

Lighting Safety

However, you might be overlooking a very “smart” way to prevent a potential fall. With smart light bulbs and switches, you can use a device or a vocal command to light your path, making it much easier for you to maneuver throughout your home. These devices can also be timed, automated, or paired with motion sensors in an effort to increase their utility, saving you the extra step of turning them on and off manually.

If you take medication you may be interested in purchasing a smart pill dispenser, in the event that you have trouble remembering when to take your medicine, which medicines to take and the appropriate dosage. Some dispensers can be programmed to send a call, text, or audible alert to remind you when it is time to take your medicine, helping you keep a handle on your health, taking some of the stress off of you and your immediate caregivers.

In the kitchen, a smart refrigerator can help you order your groceries online and keep inventory of your current items to make virtual grocery lists for the future. Additionally, you can purchase several smart items for your stove which will shut off hot surfaces automatically when left unattended, preventing fire or injury.

For extra home security, you may find an added level of comfort with a smart doorbell system. These handy gadgets can be your first line of protection and comfort when someone approaches your front door or other entryways into your home. Often fitted with a camera, these are more than your regular doorbell. They can feed video directly to a device of your choosing, showing you in real-time who is outside of your home, even when you are away on errands or out of town.

Whether near or far, you can also use them to speak with whoever is out on your doorstep through a small, discrete speaker. These features, while ideal for added home security can also help you when you’re not in an emergency. Imagine being able to give a delivery employee instructions without having to get up or open the door. With a system such as this and little bit of know-how, now you can!

An expert can even install systems that monitor all doors and windows, connected to a localized system of cameras, alerting you or a loved one to any abnormality found in your security system. With these, a family member or caretaker can even be alerted when you leave your home, in the case of consumers with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

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If you happen to be prone to losing your keys, you may want to invest in a smart lock, which can open doors into and throughout your home with a code, eliminating the need for a key. Caretakers and trusted visitors can share the code in case they need to check in on you quickly. These locks can also be programmed to lock automatically after you enter the home, or during certain times of the day to increase your safety.

Lastly, if you are unable to get up and around your home to complete chores, there are smart versions of lawn mowers and vacuums which can do your dirty work for you, while you relax. Just set them up and watch them go, scanning the area around you to do your bidding. You likely won’t miss the extra chores, anyway!


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