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Fat or Slim – Who Needs Exercise?

fat or slim

Exercise is an activity necessary to keep the body healthy & fit no matter the physique of the person involved except there is a special case of disability.

Apart from being fit, there are other benefits of exercising & these include the cardiovascular health, muscular health in terms of contractility & resistance to stress. Others are mood elevation, stress reduction, agility etc.

Often times, people say that the gym is for the fat ones and because they are slim, they are fit. This is where the question arises – Who Needs to Exercise?


Looking from the physiological perpective, a fat non-exerciser & a slim non-exerciser share the same potential risk of suffering a bad health condition. This was observed in a study published in “The International Journal of Obesity” by a London-based team, to ascertain the levels of heart clogging cholesterol (LDL – Low Density Lipoproteins) in lean & obese non-exercisers. The study found that lean & obese exercisers maintained good levels of LDL. But those in lean & obese non-exercisers were similar & higher.

It is therefore seen that to maintain a healthy heart, one has to achieve aerobic fitness or be involved in other forms of exercise like cycling, jogging etc. THE benefits of exercise does not just end with maintaining a normal weight, studies suggest that even slim people need to exercise as much as every other person to maintain a good level of LDL cholesterol & stay healthy. PEOPLE who don’t exercise, whether fat or slim have bad level of LDL cholesterol & are not as fit as exercisers.

Below are some other benefits you can get from exercise whether fat or slim.

  1. Increased Stamina: In a long term of exercising, you’ll enjoy reduced fatigue & increased stamina.
  2. Boost Your Immunity: Exercise activates your immune system and leaves you less suceptible to minor illnesses like cold & flu.
  3. Reduced Health Risks: Exercise reduces the risk of bad health condition like obesity, heart disease, high BP, Type II diabetes, stroke & even osteoporosis.
  4. Cuts Excess Pounds: Exercise & a good diet can help you loose weight.
  5. Boost Your Mood: Exercise can ease depression & promote relaxation.
  6. Increased Cognitive Function: Especially in older adults, by keeping the mind sharp, build stronger muscles to maintain mobility & independence.
  7. Management of Chronic Conditions: Exercise helps in controlling blood sugar, lowering high BP & prevents subsequent heart attacks.
  8. Keeps the Arteries Clear: of LDL or “bad cholesterol” preventing Artheriosclerosis & also gives you a stronger heart which pumps blood more efficiently with improved blood flow to all parts of the body.

Consequently, whoever wants to live longer & stay clear from all bad health condition should be busy taking aerobic exercises. Fat or slim, you should hit the gym for atleast 30mins in four days a week.

Take those steps, walking, grab the weights, eat right & keep being strong.

IKUENOBE SAMUEL – Physiologist.

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