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Wig affairs

Wig affairs

Most Ladies purchase wigs for various reasons. Some purchase a wig to change their style or to create a dramatic look for a special night,

Wearing heels with comfort

What to Use To Make Your High Heels More Comfortable

Ladies, no matter the age, love wearing glasses heels nothing compares to a nice pair of well fitted heel shoes. It helps to accentuate the

Tips for Ladies – How to organize your handbag

organized bag

Here are some tips on how to make ensure that all the necessities you need are packed in your handbags or purses: Small brush or


nail care

Clean nails that is well taken care of can certainly add to the beauty of the hands. Taking care of your nails requires proper nourishment


body odor

Body odor is never pleasant, from the person who has to go through the torture of having to stand the smell to the person that


Lip appeal

The lip is a part of the face that contains less blood capillaries; therefore it receives less nutrients, hence the need to take care of

Lip care

lip care

The lip is the delicate area where lipsticks are applied onto it quite often or even daily to enhance your beauty. Some are blessed with

HOW TO SELECT HOME COLOUR SCHEMES * Tips For Choosing Colors For Room Painting Makeovers

How to select home colour scheme

Before buying paint for redoing rooms in your house, make sure your chosen colors work are suited for each room slated for a makeover. Just

Home Made Beauty Recipes

Home Made Beauty Recipes

Do you know that you can create your own beauty regime in the comfort of your own home by simply taking a look at the

FACE ENHANCEMENT – Shaping Your Brows

FACE ENHANCEMENT - Shaping Your Brows

Many women neglect plucking their brows, believing that a little extra hair here and there wouldn’t really make a big difference. It does! Read on