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Chicken Stew

chicken stew

REQUIREMENTS – 1.5kg chicken ( already cut or drumsticks) – 6 fresh chilies/cayenne pepper/ atarodo – 1 kg / 10-12 fresh tomatoes – 2 red

Black Soup

Black soup

Ingredients 2 cups washed bitter leaves 1/2 cup sliced scent leaves 2 cups sliced uziza leaves 1 small bunch ugwu (optional) 4 cups banga extract/sauce

Uziza and Utazi Soup

uziza and utazi soup

REQUIREMENTS – 1½kg Beef– 1 small size Smoked fish– 1 medium size Stockfish head (cooked)– 1 small bunch Utazi leaves– 1 small bunch Uziza leaves–

Owo Soup

owo soup

Ingredients – 8 medium pieces Bush meat– 2 medium size smoked fish– 1 cup smoked prawns– ½ teaspoon potash (ground)– 1 tablespoon dry pepper (ground)–

Otong Soup

otong soup

Ingredients – 8 medium pieces Beef– 1 medium size Smoked fish– 1 medium stockfish– 1 cup shelled perewrinkle– 10 medium pieces Cow skin– 4 medium

Omi Itsaqwe (Groundnut Soup)

omi itasqwe

Ingredients – 1 Cup Fried groundnut(blended)– 1 Cup Fried Egusi– 8 Pieces Beef– 2 Medium Smoked fish– 2 Cooking spoons Palmoil– 1 cup Bitter leaf

Okro(okra) with Vegetable Soup

okro with vegetable soup

INGREDIENTS – 500g fresh okro (sliced and pounded– 1.5 Kg assorted meat (beef,kponmo, cowleg)– 1 medium stockfish (cut into small sizes)– 1 medium size dry

Okoho Soup

okoho soup

Okoho is the main traditional food peculiar to the Idoma people of Benue State, Central Nigeria. It is a soup made from the Okoho stick.

Oho Igligi Soup

ingredients – 4 large pieces Bush Meat– 1 medium smoked Fish– 6 medium fresh Pepper(ground)– 4 medium fresh tomatoes (ground)– I medium bulb Onion (ground)–

Oha (Ora) Soup

oha soup

REQUIREMENTS – 1 medium bunch oha leaves– 1 medium smoked fish– 1 wrap Ogiri– 2 tablespoon ground crayfish– 1 kg Dry meat(cut into 8 medium